4 credits
Description: Active Living 12 builds on the concepts of Active Living, Movement, Personal and Social Responsibility developed in earlier grades. Active Living provides students with opportunities to make appropriate choices and set personal goals that enhance their quality of life.  Movement includes physical activities in the areas of; dance/gymnastics, games, alternate environment activities  as well as individual and team activities. Personal and Social Responsibility provides opportunities for students to acquire leadership skills and an understanding of the qualifications required to pursue careers related to physical activity. This course allows for great flexibility in meeting the learning outcomes - including possible adaptations for learners with limited mobility.

Assessment: 10 assignments total: 5 written submissions that cover the main course topics and 5 physical activity logs. 100 hours minimum verified activity required. Can be completed in 3-5 months depending on activity level. Note however that activity prior to enrollment cannot be counted for course credit. 

Active Living 11 preferred